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The Silent Witness Crime Stoppers program combines the efforts of a private organization operated by volunteers with those of city and county law enforcement agencies to solve crimes in Cheyenne. 

The program was begun in Cheyenne in 1982 after a police staff officer learned of the Crime Stoppers program in Albuquerque. This program pays rewards to citizens whose anonymous tips assist law enforcement in solving area crimes. 

Originally 100 businesses, organizations and individuals contributed funds to start Silent Witness of Cheyenne, Inc. Many continue to do so today; without private donations Silent Witness could not operate, since no public monies are provided. 

The local board is composed of twenty members representing business, government, education and the news media in addition to law enforcement. The board is responsible for fund raising and paying rewards as well as serving as a liaison between law enforcement and the community. The board has the backing of various civic organizations. 

Silent Witness Crime Stoppers serves the community as a whole by enabling crimes to be solved which might not otherwise be solved without the information provided to law enforcement by private citizens. The community benefits through the return of stolen property as well as by the arrest and incarceration of burglars, drug dealers and other criminals. Additionally, citizens are encouraged to be aware of possible illegal activities in their neighborhoods. 

Silent Witness Crime Stoppers is a deterrent to crime in Cheyenne, making the city a better place in which to live. 


Silent Witness Crime Stoppers is YOU!! 

The Silent Witness Crime Stopper program provides a way individuals can assist in solving crimes without having their names known. Rewards are paid. 

Many crimes have been solved from information provided by concerned individuals. Recovery of stolen property, arrests of burglars, drug dealers and other criminals are a direct result of information provided by private citizens. 

This program provides a deterrent to crime in Cheyenne making the city a better place in which to live. It also encourages citizens to be aware of possible illegal activities. 

The rewards are funded by private donations and contributions. Without these private donations Silent Witness could not operate. No government monies are used. No money is used for paid employees. 

Your support is needed and appreciated. For your donation, we will send you - 

$5.00 decal and ice scraper 

$25.00 silver certificate 

$50.00 gold certificate 

$100.00 gray plaque 

$200.00 wood plaque 

Please send donations to: 

2205 East Pershing Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82001